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About Claim Insights, Inc.

Claim Insights, Inc. is taking our decades of experience working for insurance companies and offering you, the Plaintiff and Defense attorneys, as well as Insurance Companies, our wide range of expertise to benefit you and your clients. 

Each of the professional staff at CLAIM INSIGHTS, INC. has over 24 years of experience working for  large national insurance companies. They have been responsible for complex damage claims, bad faith claims, coverage cases and wrongful death cases.

  • Bad Faith and Coverage Expert Witness
    We offer consulting on bad faith cases, as well as the finest testimonial or non-testimonial expert witness services. Disclaimer:  A referring attorney/party should NOT provide confidential information regarding a potential referral until such time as a formal retention agreement is signed.
  • Damage and Settlement Strategies  Maximize your client's settlement by consulting with Claim Insights, Inc.  Our experience working for insurance companies and understanding how they evaluate damages and negotiate claims can significantly benefit you and your client.                                                                                                                                                                                     Our services in this area can include:                                                                                              ** Analyzing and evaluating moderate to large damage liability cases                                               ** Supplying talking points and strategies for negotiating the case                                                   ** Letter writing to lay the groundwork for maximizing value and Bad Faith damages                          ** Attending mediation with you to assist in negotiations                                                                 ** Evaluation of Bad Faith possibilities and guidance on obtaining Extra Contractual damages              
  • Trials and Mediation Attendance
    We can attend mediations for either insurance carriers or plaintiffs.

    When the carrier does not have the local resources, Claim Insights, Inc. will attend mediations on your behalf. Our staff includes a certified mediator, as well as claim professionals that have mediated hundreds of cases each. They are masterful with their mediation and negotiation strategies.  Additionally, we can attend and report on trials, allowing our insurance carrier clients to make adjustments to their defense and/or resolution strategies as the trial proceeds.

    For plaintiff attorneys, we can attend a mediation with you to assist with the settlement and negotiation strategies in order to maximize the settlement amount for you and your client.
  • Continuing Education Training for Florida Adjusters
    We provide CE training that will satisfy the Florida adjuster requirements as well as prepare your staff for the complex claim issues that surround Florida claims handling.
    Our training specialty is Bad Faith avoidance, but we also offer courses on various coverage matters such as Uninsured Motorist coverage and rental car claims, plus classes on Mediation Strategies.

    Our Bad Faith training provides a comprehensive overview and discusses the meaning of the words “bad faith” in the context of the difficult Florida claims environment, with the primary focus being on how to avoid bad faith. For those who may be less familiar with the subject matter, a major benefit of this informative course will be the knowledge that you will gain from exposure to real world examples illustrating the pitfalls that lead to allegations of bad faith. If you already have a good working knowledge of bad faith in Florida, you will gain some new insight into the subject. In either case, you will leave the seminar armed with information that will potentially save your companies significant amounts of money.    
  • Bad Faith Avoidance for Carriers
    Any carrier that handles claims in Florida needs to understand Florida Bad Faith and how to properly handle the claims that may have exposure in excess of the available policy limits.  Claim Insights, Inc. can be a Technical Resource by providing oversight and guidance to assist carriers in avoiding Bad Faith exposure. This would include letter writing and assistance in responding to letters sent by plaintiff attorneys that may be laying the groundwork for Bad Faith damages.